A spouse residence permit is designed for spouses of Zimbabwean citizens who wish to reside in Zimbabwe or accompany long-term work permit holders during their work assignment in Zimbabwe. The spouse residence permit is granted for a maximum of 12 months and renewable in-country. For spouses of long-term work permit holders, the spouse residence permit is renewable provided the spouse has renewed their long-term work permit. Applications for a spouse residence permit can include a request for work authorization provided requirements are met.


May accompany spouse or reside with Zimbabwean spouse

Valid for 12 months

Can be requested with authorization to work

It is renewable


The following quintessential documents are required to be submitted interalia with the application –

  • Application form
  • Application letter from the foreign spouse
  • Support letter from the local spouse or work permit holder
  • Close relative guarantee form
  • Proof of accommodation by the guarantor
  • Proof of funds by the guarantor
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Radiology certificate
  • Original police clearance & certified copies

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